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CIKS has produced a series of four films on organic rice cultivation with support from the Development Co-operation Division, Royal Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi .

The first film in the series gives an overview of organic rice cultivation from seed to harvest. Topics like seed treatment, soil fertility, manuring and agronomical practices are dealt with. The second film goes into the details of organic soil enrichment. The role of green manure and biofertilisers are dealt with. Different composting methods are described in detail. Indigenous methods for increasing soil fertility are also discussed. The third discusses in detail the organic methods of pest management. The identification of the pests and the mode of attack are described. Several organic control methods like the use of light traps, pheromome traps, fumigation techniques and the use of different plant extracts are described in detail. The final film discusses the important diseases affecting paddy and their control measures. The total duration of these four films is 110 minutes in English and 99 minutes in Tamil.

These films are available now in the DVD format and also in the VCD format. We would be able to distribute a limited number of copies free on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in procuring a copy of these films, please write to us giving details about your organization and how this would be useful in your work. Do let us know in which format and the language in which you need it. We would get back to you shortly. Thanks for your interest.

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