CIKS is engaged in developing feasible and user-friendly programmes, drawn from indigenous agricultural practices and knowledge, to help farmers go organic. Revitalizing and strengthening the farmer’s faith in traditional eco-friendly technologies is the only way to ensure that the agricultural community turns to organic farming as a sustainable, long term solution. It is important to clearly understand what technologies can be used, if and how they need to be modified, and what needs to be discarded as unsuitable for our situation.

The following are the areas of work relating to organic farming CIKS is involved in

  • Testing plant and animal products which are indicated to have plant protection properties to validate the technology and come up with a suitable package of practice for use against specific pests or for particular crops.
  • Developing a variety of technologies and materials to retain and enhance soil fertility including – animal products (Panchagavyam, modified Panchagavyam), compost, vermicompost, neem seed cake and other oilseed cakes, seeds of green manure etc.
  • Developing packages for the organic cultivation of various crops building upon the traditional knowledge and wisdom of the farming community.
  • Developing technologies based on Vrkshayurveda (Traditional Indian Plant Science) to come up with storage forms of biopesticides.
  • Setting up a large number of decentralised small-scale units for the production of biopesticides, biofertilisers, oil seed powder etc.
  • Producing manuals and audiovisuals relating to processes for organic certification of various crops and providing training to farmers and farmer’s groups on certification-related procedures.
  • Training and handholding for farmers groups for the production of certified seeds which are also organically produced, that are important for organic cultivation of crops as well as enhancement of yield.
  • Training, documentation and publications on the use of Systematic Rice Intensification techniques for the multiplication of indigenous seed varieties of paddy as well as the cultivation of paddy crop.

Through our initiatives, we have successfully turned a significant number of farmers in the region to organic farming methods. By providing solutions that work, we demonstrate to the farming community that organic methods are the only way forward.