Vrkshayurveda is the ancient Indian plant science, which contains remarkably relevant solutions to modern-day agricultural problems. Based on the currently available information, it is clear that Vrkshayurveda is of great relevance in ayurveda, agriculture, horticulture and life sciences. It provides a wealth of knowledge on a variety of areas such as seed treatment, soil testing and preparations, methods for yield increase, land classification, details of cultivation of plants etc.

Various other topics like the causes of diseases, their identification and treatment, exploration of water and minerals with the help of plants are also discussed. Our understanding of the earlier processes, which enabled ancient Indians to gain knowledge of plants and plant life and the art of application of this knowledge for the improvement of the general conditions of life, can provide insights for solutions to several current-day problems. CIKS attempts to integrate tenets of Vrkshayurveda in various facets of work.