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This project on improving livelihood and food security of tribal communities through wadi model and sustainable agriculture practices is being implemented in Jawadhu hills of Thiruvannamalai district with the financial support of NABARD. Activities of this project are in progress in nine villages covering 305 beneficiary households and 150 acres in Kovilur panchayat. The two major components of the project are - WADI (small orchard) and other livelihood activities.


  • To improve the livelihood and food security of 1040 small-holder tribal families in 29 villages of Kovilur Panchayat through WADI (small orchard) model.
  • To create awareness on soil and water management practices
  • To improve the crop cultivation methods using organic practices and sustainable seed production system etc.
  • Extensive baseline survey was conducted in the project area.
  • Under the component on WADI, nearly 5000 saplings of fruit crops and border crops have been planted in 150 acres and being maintained by 182 beneficiary households.
Planting saplings of fruit crops in WADI fields in Jawadhu Hills of Tiruvannamalai District
  • Crops like niger, horse gram, little millet varieties etc., have been cultivated as intercrops in the WADI fields. These WADI fields have been fenced properly and bunds have also been formed to conserve the soil from erosion.
  • Soil analysis was done for the entire WADI fields.
  • Seed production of breeder seeds of foxtail millet, pearl millet, kodo millet and barnyard millet was done.
Harvested little millet - taken for threshing
  • Necessary organic inputs and seeds for intercropping in the WADI fields have been distributed.
  • Pitcher irrigation apparatus have been distributed to the beneficiaries as an additional irrigation facility.
  • Under the component on other livelihood activities of the project, support has been provided to the beneficiaries to get involved in the microenterprises like rearing of cows, goats and pigs, tailoring unit, petti shops, poultry incubation and fodder cultivation.
  • Beneficiaries of both WADI and other livelihood components have raised kitchen gardens using 14 types vegetable seeds provided under the project and also conserved the seeds for the next season.
Kitchen garden raised at the backyard of a beneficiary's house
  • Agricultural implements have been purchased and being maintained in the Seeramarathur Agricultural Machineries Facilitation Centre for the use of the beneficiary farmers with a minimum rental charges.
  • A total of 27 Participants Groups (PGs), a Village Planning Committee and seven Farmers' Clubs have been formed.
Training programme on importance and uses of tree planting in progress
  • Various training programmes comprising of technical trainings, institutional building, health and enterprises related techniques were conducted for the beneficiaries.
  • In collaboration with the Department of Animal Husbandry in Jawadhu hills block, eight day long veterinary camps were conducted for the control of Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) in Kovilur panchayat.
Veterinary camp conducted in Kovilur Panchayat