This project implemented in Nagapattinam district from August 2011 onwards with the support of the Department of Science and Technology.

  • In our insect rearing laboratory in Sirkazhi, Spodoptera litura and Aphis carccivora have been reared.
  • Bioassays were conducted on these pests using biopesticidal oil soaps, Melia azedarach extract, Annona and Andrographis Kashaayam developed by CIKS.
  • Preparation procedure and dosage for Neem and Pongam oil soaps were standardized by CIKS team.
  • A detailed literature survey was conducted on the use of Neem and Pongam oil as biopesticides on various crops such as vegetables, groundnut, pulses etc.
  • A total of 36 experiments were conducted under the laboratory conditions using Neem oil soap, Pongam oil soap and mixed oils soap at different concentrations. Four pot experiments and three field experiments were also conducted.
  • The efficacy of Neem and Pongam oil soaps were tested in crops such as green gram, bhendi, cluster bean, tomato, paddy and other crops.
  • Neem oil soap has been distributed to 53 farmers for field testing. Neem oil soap distributed to the farmers of Andhra Pradesh through WASSAN (NGO working on rainfed agriculture) has successfully managed Helicoverpa population in redgram crop.
  • A survey on the cost of cultivation of bhendi, brinjal and chilli was conducted in 12 villages.
  • To disseminate the technology of usage of biopesticidal oil soaps, 20 training programmes were conducted for the women groups in Nagapattinam and Thiruvannamalai districts.
  • The technology of usage of Neem and Pongam oil soaps for pest management was also disseminated to the officials of the Department of Agriculture in Karaikal and to the students of Agriculture and Arts and Science Colleges.
  • A neem oil soap production unit has been established in Ilaiyamadhukoodam village and the unit is being maintained by the members of Selliyamman womens’ group.
Experiment in Bhendi field

Experiment in Bhendi field