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This is a list of our currently available publications that deal with biodiversity conservation. To learn more about our publications and to order copies, send an e-mail request to publications@ciks.org. Copies can also be had from our Chennai office and from select outlets in other cities.

Seeds of Plenty
Seeds of Hope

A large number of grass root efforts are in progress for the on-farm conservation of indigenous genetic resources. This book attempts to capture these efforts that have been in progress in Asia. The coverage of the groups involved in this effort is by no means exhaustive and must only be considered as representative of this effort. It is hoped that the book will promote sharing and exchange of information as well as materials wherever desirable and feasible and also lead to the formation of networks and coalitions in this important area of work

Indian Price :
Rs.200/- (English)
International Price :
US $ 12.00

Indigenous Rice Varieties - 2

This book provides detailed information on 47 indigenous rice varieties. For each variety the cultivation details, agrnomical features, characteristics of the earhead and the grains and yield of grain and straw are given. It also provides information on certain special features of the variety such as pest resistance, drought tolerance, medicinal properties etc. All the information provided in this book is based upon our experiences during the cultivation of these varieties under field conditions - this adds to the value of the book.

Indian Price :
Rs.60/- (English)   Rs.40/- (Tamil)

International Price :
US $ 5.00

"The Seed Keepers" -
A Multimedia Presentation

The Seed keepers is a self running multimedia presentation made with still photographs and complete with commentary and sound track. This 23 minutes presentation summarises the effort of a eight year project of CIKS on biodiversity conservation. This would be a starting point for organisations involved in biodiversity conservation work. The CD is available both in English and Tamil.

Indian Price :
Rs.250/- (English)   Rs.250/- (Tamil)

International Price :
US $ 15