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This is a list of our currently available publications that deal with Vrkshayurveda. To learn more about our publications and to order copies, send an e-mail request to publications@ciks.org. Copies can also be had from our Chennai office and from select outlets in other cities.

Vrkshayurveda : Ayurveda for plants - User's manual - 1

Vrkshayurveda is an ancient Indian Science dealing with all aspects of plant life. This user's manual begins with an introduction to the scope of the subject and goes on to list certain important farmer's practices and provides rationale for these practices based on the theory of Vrkshayurveda. The recipes that have been recommended are based on field trials carried out by CIKS.

Indian Price :
Rs.30/- (English)   Rs.30/- (Tamil)

International Price :
US $ 3.00