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"CIKS is evolving packages for vegetable crops based on Vrkshayurveda techniques. "










Objectives of the Vegetable Vrkshayurveda Project .

  • To test the efficacy of the methods of vrkshayurveda on various aspects of cultivation of vegetable crops
  • Major aspects to be looked into - improvement of resistance to diseases, control of pests and enhancement of plant growth
  • The package of practices so evolved will be field tested in collaboration with farmers
  • After testing, the packages will be disseminated to farmers through training programmes, as well as a user's manual that will be published in Tamil, Hindi and English
  • Popular articles will also be written in local languages to share findings and results

Expected Outcomes .

  • Packages based on traditional Indian plant science would be evolved for
    lady's finger, brinjal, chilli and tomato - covering disease and pest control as well as improvement of yield.
  • This would also include standardisation of equipment and method for
    fumigation of seeds using herbal powders
  • Training programmes and trainers' training programmes would be imparted to several batches of farmers from Tamil Nadu and other states.
  • A user's manual would be published based on our experiments and field
    experiences. This will be in Hindi, Tamil and English.

Project Update

Data of the experiments conducted during the previous crop season were consolidated and several new experiments have been designed for the coming season. In Patharakudi village, vegetables such as beans, bottle gourd, brinjal and ladies finger have been cultivated in half an acre of land. Discussions were held with Dr. Manivannan of Annamalai University regarding the collection of indigenous vegetable varieties. Subhashini Sridhar and P. Krithika visited the library at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to obtain reference materials.

Fumigation experiments using Vrkshayurveda techniques were undertaken.  Experimentation are in progress on using growth promoters in ponni rice.  With ADT-45 rice variety experiments would be undertaken using garlic arkam.  The variety has been transplanted and experiments would be undertaken shortly.